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Life Passages

Getting Married

We are delighted that you are considering holding your wedding ceremony at St. Peter’s. A wedding is woven around a promise made between two persons. The elaborate preparations culminate in this moment of promise celebrated as the couple exchanges vows in the presence of God and God’s people.

You do not have to be a member of St. Peter’s to hold your wedding in our sanctuary. Our facility is available for you and Pastor Mark can perform your ceremony after meeting the two of you to get to know you better and provide some guidance about marriage through a spiritual lens.

REQUEST TO BOOK the sanctuary or contact Pastor Mark to arrange a meeting by email or by calling (519) 745-4705.


Thank you for your interest in a baptism at St. Peter’s. Lutherans believe that Baptism is an act of God’s grace. In this simple ceremony of Word and water — as we are baptized in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit — we are made a part of the family of God for all time and eternity.

We do nothing to earn this privilege; it is the gift of God. Hence, Lutherans baptize people of all ages – from infancy up. Parents and sponsors of young children accept the responsibility to teach and nourish the child’s faith journey. (Baptisms can be performed for children whose parents are married or unmarried.) Youth and adults seeking baptism explore its meaning for themselves in preparation.

A baptism is a wonderful opportunity for re-dedication to God for all the members of your family.
Baptisms normally take place in the church sanctuary. There is no charge for a baptism at St. Peter’s. This is part of our ongoing ministry to our members, their families, and to our community.

To arrange an appointment about baptism, contact us by email or by calling (519) 745-4705.

Affirmation Class

Often those baptized as children are instructed in the faith as they mature, and participate in “confirmation”, or Affirmation of Baptism. At this time, they stand up in front of a congregation and personally lay claim to the promises of their baptisms. They “confirm” that the faith in which their parents and sponsors brought them for baptism, they now name as their personal faith.

This two-year program for youth includes discussions, innovative and creative learning drawing upon Martin Luther, the Bible, the Confessions, and what our tradition says about modern issues for young people – issues that matter to them. If a topic is brought to the table, we talk about it in a safe, open environment where our young people can be themselves.

Contact Pastor Mark by email or call (519) 745-4705.


For many years, St. Peter’s has been a gathering place for funerals and memorial services commemorating the lives of family, friends and colleagues.

Call us at (519) 745-4705 or email us for more information regarding funerals at St. Peter’s.