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Our Leaders

Rev. Dr. Mark Ehlebracht

Mark became St. Peter's pastor in 2009 and the dress code at church has never been the same. A diversity-focused leader who is open to all faiths, belief systems and religions, Pastor Mark enjoys working with, and serving alongside, a diverse population. Throughout his 21-year role as a pastor, he has grown to fully appreciate... Click image to see more.

Vladamir Soloviev
Music Director

Vladimir Soloviev is a Toronto-based pianist and vocal coach whose performances around the globe includes appearances at Carnegie Hall and Bohemian National Hall in New York. Vlad has won the Pattison Piano Competition and the London Scholarship Foundation Competition, and the Concerto Competition at Western University. He completed his studies at the University of Western Ontario, Eastman School of Music, Mannes College, and... Click image to see more.

Dr. Peter Nikiforuk
Director of Music Emeritus

Peter Nikiforuk is a native of Brantford, Ontario, where he received his early musical training with Nan and Markwell Perry. Over the years, he has studied with John Tuttle, Robert Baker,... Click image to see more.

Jennifer Willcock
Parish Administrator

Jennifer also works part-time at the Kitchener Public Library, is an award-winning author, has written several Young Adult fiction and Adult non-fiction novels and ... Click image to see more.

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