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In our quest
To heal, to care, and to accept,
St. Peter’s welcomes you.

Through God's unconditional grace
We welcome you to our family of Christians
Committed to the Gospel of Christ.
Who are you?
You are the wealthy and you are the poor.
You are the sick and you are the well.
You are the young and you are the old. You are the homeless, you are the forgotten.
Who are you?
You are those who search for faith.
And you are those who have found it.
Who are you?
You are of any race or any colour
For in Christ there is neither.
We welcome you in your diversity
For you are a child of God.
Who are you?
You are male, you are female.
You are a unique individual created by God.
Whatever your sexual orientation,
We welcome you.
Who are you?
You are all.
You are everyone in faith.
We welcome you
For Christ has made us one.

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