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Prayer Quilt Ministry

Keep these people in your prayers, those who have been recipients of prayer quilts. We ask for God's comfort, hope and peace upon their life and for healing to make them whole.

        • last names withheld for privacy
  • Finley, Jim
  • Liz, Barbara
  • Mike, Marjorie
  • Herb, Ray
  • Moore, John, Sharon
  • Mary

Agnus Dei for Security and Peace

In our hearts,
in our homes,
in our schools,
on our streets,
in our city,
in your world:
Grant us peace. Grant us peace. Grant us peace.

From A New Zealand Prayer Book

God of the desert, as we follow Jesus into the unknown,
may we recognise the tempter when he comes;
let it be your bread we eat,
your world we serve and
you alone we worship. Amen.

Prayer for those who are homeless and precariously housed

Heavenly One,
who although homeless at your birth,
made your home with us on earth,
and thus marked each with divine dignity:
Imbue us with your mercy;
Inspire us to offer each of your children
a safe home,
that we may live on earth
as they do in heaven.
-Ray Simpson, Founding Guardian, the international Community of Aidan and Hilda

A prayer for the Holy Land on the 24th of each month

Gracious God of all holy places,
we pray today for peace in the Holy Land,
the place of your birth and resurrection,
where life was given and restored.
Give and restore life again today.
Bless those who live in the Holy Land
and their deep yearning for peace.
Bring that peace and justice into our own hearts
and our own lives and the people with whom we live.
Increase our yearning for peace and hope
to bring this world to your fulfilment of shalom. Amen.