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Visitation Ministry

Visitation Mission

Our SPC Visitation volunteers are a family of Christians committed to the Gospel of Christ.

“We love because He first loved us.” (1 John 4:19)

Our Visitation Ministry is a vital link and extension of the happenings of our St. Peter’s Church and congregation. Visitation volunteers visit those SPC members, who are mostly in senior care residences, on a monthly basis. As visitors we remind our visitees that they belong, and the St. Peter’s family cares for them. Visitors visit, as friends and congregation members, with interesting pictures, stories, events and church information (i.e., weekly church bulletins). Some also receive communion.

By the numbers:
Presently 14 Visitation volunteers are actively visiting 17 congregation members who are unable to participate in SPC activities (due to illness or other immobility issues). These numbers are dynamic as life situations constantly change.

Marvin Mantha continues as the layperson contact and coordinator of the SPC Visitation Mission/Ministry. Pastor Mark Ehlebracht works closely with Mr. Mantha to facilitate and coordinate our formal Visitation Program. (A number of other SPC congregation members do continue to informally visit other home bound SPC members as friends, outside of our formal Visitation Ministry).

The volunteering members of our SPC Visitation Ministry are an extension of Christ’s ministry, under His leadership and empowered by his love. Our Visitation continues to be a source of respect and affirms comfort and positive emotions, via personal contact and conversation.
Congregation members are encouraged to contact Mr. Mantha regarding new visitee suggestions.

In Christ Our Lord, special thanks to our Visitation Team volunteers:
Audrey A., Brenda B., David B., Debbie F., Norm and Ella F., Eleanor H., Marg H., Marvin M., Ron and Grace R., Janet T., Gunther and Carolyne W..

Layperson Coordinator: Marvin M.
Pastoral Coordinator: Pastor Mark Ehlebracht
Contact information: Visitation Ministry