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Getting Married

We are delighted that you are considering holding your wedding ceremony at St. Peter’s. By choosing to get married at, or through, St. Peter’s, you are seeking to enact this most intimate moment of your lives in a place where people gather to listen to the heart of God. May you hear this voice, know this blessing and keep close to God’s heart throughout your lives together.


We believe that God’s blessing is offered in all of the seasons of life and through all of life’s transitions. A St. Peter’s wedding, then, embraces a celebration in which God’s gift of marriage and God’s blessing—strengthening—and sustaining marriage—are heralded.

One of the amazing things about a wedding is that it is woven around something as simple as a promise made between two persons. All of the elaborate planning and preparations come together in a moment of promise celebrated within a service of worship. Indeed, the verb to wed occurs, then, when the promises are made, and the vows are exchanged, in the presence of God and God’s people.

Before that moment arrives, a couple will want to look at what the element of promise means to each individual. The vows which incorporate the promise will form the basis for a joyful wedding in anticipation of a happy marriage. The word of promise spoken in the wedding liturgy is rooted in God’s promise of faithfulness to God’s people. For Christians, then, the wedding celebration is based in God’s promise to us realized in the person of Jesus Christ. We believe that the foundation for the love that marriage partners pledge to one another rests within the ultimate love God has shown to us in the person and example of Jesus.

Once again we wish you well for your wedding day and your life together. The best advice I can offer is that it's not love that teaches you what marriage means - it's marriage that teaches you what love means. I pray that you may be blessed with the gifts you need to make your life together a blessing to yourselves and others.

For more information, please contact the church or call us at (519) 745-4705.