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St. Peter's Board of Directors

Members of the Church Board (Leadership) Team are elected at the annual meeting following a nomination process. The St. Peter’s Community (SPC) has before it an exciting future; this team supports and directs as per the Mission and Vision of the SPC.

The Mission: St. Peter’s is a Christian community whose purpose is to engage and empower one another with God’s transformative love that all may find acceptance and peace.

St. Peter's Board of Directors

  • Susan Dietrich, Chairperson
  • Roland Wolff, Vice Chairperson
  • Joan Hartwig, Secretary
  • Jim Forler, Treasurer
  • David Gellner
  • Hilda Janzen
  • Erica Holz
  • David Hartwig

Annual General Meeting

2016 Annual General Meeting

February 7, 2016

Meeting Documents:

2015 Annual General Meeting

February 8, 2015

Meeting Documents:


2014 Annual General Meeting

February 9, 2014

Meeting Documents: