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Affirmation Class

Often those baptized as children are instructed in the faith as they mature, and participate in "confirmation”, or Affirmation of Baptism. At this time, they stand up in front of a congregation and personally lay claim to the promises of their baptisms. They “confirm” that the faith in which their parents and sponsors brought them for baptism, they now name as their personal faith, too.

This two-year program for youth includes discussions, innovative and creative learning drawing upon Martin Luther, the Bible, the Confessions, and what our tradition says about modern issues for young people – issues that matter to them. Let’s be clear, this is where faith meets life; if a topic is brought to the table, we'll talk about it in a safe, honest, open environment where our young people can be themselves.

To find out more, please contact Pastor Mark or call (519) 745-4705.